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Log cabins are usually made of two main materials: wood or plastic, or pvc. If you want wooden cabins, you are likely to get treated wood pieces to be assembled and set up to be waterproof and resistant. If you are opting for plastic cabins, they are going to be made with fireproof, easy to clean and transpiring pvc. No matter the material, you will find any kind of cabin following any kind of shape. They are made in multiple dimensions, and depending on the purpose, they could be with or without any kind of optional elements. If you have wood to store, the wooden cabin would be the ideal place. If you have small windows, then it can be used as an inhabitable room where you can spend time and relax. The plastic one is more probable to be used as tool storing place.Since, once you have installed your log cabin, it becomes a fixed and solid piece of construction, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , you will have to declare the presence of this optional room to the competent agencies, in order to follow the construction rules of your town. No matter if it is made of plastic or wood, ask for the dimension and location limits to be sure your cabin is not going to get removed. Before placing your log cabin, get the surface ready to bear its structure and following tools or people it will fit in. If you opted for the plastic or pvc cabin, you do not need to use waterproof solutions or wood treatments to keep your cabin safe and durable. On the other hand, you will have to take care of molds and other humidity damages that you could prevent by letting the small house transpire and change air every once in a while. Wooden log cabin requests a little more care but still, you can prevent damages by using it as it is supposed to and not abusing it.Whether you are buying or setting up pre-made wooden or plastic log cabins, or you are creating a brand new cabin using some pieces of wood on your own, do not forget those simple rules that you could ask for to log cabin creators like dimension limits, surfacing, roof topping and so on. You can have many different shapes of garden cabin, for many different tools and purposes. Be sure you will keep them safe and repaired.

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