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You would rather not put a pavement in the dedicated area because your children could get hurt more easily. It is better to leave grass or similar. In this way, children can be more in contact with nature and most of all, if they fall they will not get wounds. Be sure to keep your playground always clean and repaired from potential damages.Something that cannot be missed in a garden play sets is the slide. There are several kinds of slides, starting from wooden ones to plastic ones, simple slides, or tree house-like slides, high slides, short slides, and so on: there are so many kinds, you could get lost. If you do not know where to start, ask for help where you think you will get the elements. Just remember to fix it to the ground, to be sure it fits your children dimensions. Most of all, it has to be colorful. Seesaw or teeter totter , is another important piece. Who did not like to be pushed back and forth while sitting on a teeter totter? Nobody. This element can be made of wood or plastic as well. Many people who like the old-fashioned tire hanging from a well set branch can find thousands ways to create a totter. Ask for help while building it. Last but not least, ... continua

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      prosegui ... , those figures mounted on a spring that children can ride on, are useful and colored pieces that can be used to complete your garden play set. There are many different animal or object shapes, you just have to make your child like it. It all depends on whether you want to buy pieces that fit a specific age or to be adaptable to any child age. Usually plastic elements are less expensive than wood pieces, but it depends if they are supposed to fit a baby (in that case it will have all those security pieces, like a closed chair with belts, for teeter totters) or just regular fundamental pieces for everyday playing activities. Always keep them clean and safe from potential hurting pieces. Keep plastic clean and put varnish on wooden pieces with specific non-toxic solutions to preserve them from getting damaged.
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