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Choosing playgrounds to put into that dedicated space should be accurate and suited on the children age and necessity. When organizing that place is better not to cobble it for two simple reasons: the first is that kids could play directly touching the grass; the second is that falling upon the grass is much less painful that falling upon the paved. Playing in a garden for kids is a very joyful thing because they can spend much more time outdoor, stay away from television and videogames, grow into the nature. There are lots of thing kids can do playing in an equipped garden and for them is the greatest occasion to move themselves and grow healthy. In this section we will talk about every useful playground to put in a garden, games kids can play in all seasons and other complementary useful information about a garden playground area.

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    • Ping pong table

      Ping pong table In order to play ping pong you need a ping pong table. It should be 2,75 mt long and 1,52 mt wide,
    • Slides

      Slides A garden or a green area is preferable to locate your slide. If your children are still very young,
    • Snow Man

      Snow Man A snowman is an amazing pastime for either children and parents helping with the creation of this tr
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      prosegui ... , there are lots of things a kid can do in a garden. Equipping it with the right tools mean organize an area where children can play a bunch of different ways. There are a lots of funny games to play outdoors. Here we will talk about the most classical ones such as tug of war; hide-and-seek; red light-green light. When it is winter and snowy it is great occasion to go out and build a funny snowman with the snow collected all over the garden. Playground tools to put into the area we want to dedicate to children recreation are many and different depending on space at your disposal, interests and materials. The classical playground is composed by a teeter totter that could be made by plastic or wood. You can buy it totally equipped or do it by yourself if you are able in home improvement. Other fundamental equipment tool is the slide sold in different dimensions depending on the kid age. As the teeter totter, slide is present on the market made by plastic, iron or even by wood and there are inflatable slides too. When springtime or summertime come there are things you can add to your kids garden playground. Funny exciting games such as a sand pit where children can have fun playing with sand and other sort of games such as ping pong tables and table football.