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Watch our videos about gardening and learn how to grow beautiful plants with our suggests. In this section you will find a lot of different species of garden plants.

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    • Abelia

      Abelia The abelia is a beautiful garden shrub. It is deciduous and flowers in summer, continuing its flower
    • Bay

      Bay The bay tree or laurel is an aromatic plant common in the wild throughout the Mediterranean area; it
    • Bulbous anemones

      Bulbous anemones The anemones are among the most cultivated bulbous plants, often used as cut flowers. In fact, thes
    • Callistemon

      Callistemon A beautiful bush of Australian origin. It is cultivated in the garden, in open ground, or in pots, i
    • Camellia

      Camellia The camellia is an evergreen shrub of Asian origin. The species most commonly cultivated is the came
    • Deciduous Magnolia

      Deciduous Magnolia The genus Magnolia has many species. Among the most often-cultivated are definitely the deciduous ma
    • Dwarf shrubs

      Dwarf shrubs Often in city parks or large gardens you will be able to appreciate the charm of shrubs and large tr
    • Fir

      Fir The fir tree is a plant of European origin, which grows best in mountain areas with a climate that i
    • growing citrus

      growing citrus The citrus plants nearly all belong to the genus Citrus, and are evergreen shrubs or small trees, or
    • Growing deciduous hibiscus

      Growing deciduous hibiscus There are dozens of species of Hibiscus, but we are looking at Hibiscus Syriacus, which is very comm
    • Growing evergreen hibiscus

      Growing evergreen hibiscus There are many species of hibiscus. Now we are talking about Hibiscus rosa - Sinensis, a beautiful e
    • Growing evergreen Jasmine

      Growing evergreen Jasmine Evergreen jasmine is a hardy plant that can be grown safely in the garden, because it can resist the
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