• Garden Videos

    Garden Videos
    Watch our videos about gardening and learn how to grow beautiful plants with our suggests. In this section you will find a lot of different species of garden plants.... go to the section Garden Videos
  • Trees

    In this section we are going to generally talk about trees. In fact, there are lots of different trees species of all around the world and each and everyone of these need a specific care and climate. A tree is not just a plant with leaves and a trunk freely growing everywhere: an olive tree need a d... go to the section Trees

  • Phloxes

    In this section we are going to show you all the main characteristics of phloxes, watering and light needs, plantation procedure, the right dirt to let them grow, diseases and parasitic to fight against. Each phlox is equipped with an own data sheet where you can find every useful information about ... go to the section Phloxes
  • Annual plants

    Annual plants
    Actually, some of them last for two seasons (biennial) but because of their insufficient qualitative performance in the next vegetative season are included among the annual plants. Most of them germinate at the very beginning of spring, flower through summer, then die as soon as the first intense wi... go to the section Annual plants

  • Vines

    Vines are plants whose branches are unable to support themselves autonomously so they need artificial supports such as walls, nettings, poles to grow and climb. Species are very differentiated because of structure and growth; ability to climb is their main characteristic thatís why their use is main... go to the section Vines
  • Perennials

    Hardy perennial are plants living more than two years. Being herbaceous plants they have no woody shrub so the aerial part of them doesnít survive to cold temperatures. Anyway, the roots deep planted in the soil grant us new plants every year. Due to their beautiful flowers, perennials are a very go... go to the section Perennials

  • Aquatic plants

    Aquatic plants
    Depending on the level they are immerged there are two types of species: hydrophytes and helophytes. Hydrophytes are plants totally immerged into water or floating (with trunk and leaves into the water) and usually live where water is deep. Helophytes plants live in shallow water with trunk and leav... go to the section Aquatic plants
  • Bulbs

    A bulb is a stem with fleshy leaves or leaf bases. It is a vegetative propagation organ which carries out an endurance function allowing plants to overcome adverse climatic and environmental conditions such as cold, drought, freeze. Bulbs are delicate, it should be better to plant them as soon after... go to the section Bulbs

  • Roses

    Among every flower in earth, roses are a world apart with their story, their value, their meaning and their symbolic power through the history. Roses vary in shapes, colours, development and sizes and they can be bushy, climbing or trailing. Roses are everywhere in flowerbeds and along street edges;... go to the section Roses