Sunflower is part of the biggest plant family in nature. Its name is given to the fact that its original botanical name is directly linked to the word sun in Greek, while today, it is also related to the main characteristic of being a flower which seems to follow the position of the sun. This characteristic is due to the presence of a particular part of the plant which is present on the stalk. It is originally from Northern America, where native Americans considered it as a sacred plant. Incas used it as symbol of the sun, knowing its properties and the importance of its seeds. Nowadays it has widespread all over the world where it is used for infinite purposes.

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Sunflower characteristics

Sunflower characteristicsSunflowers have a multiple presence of flowers. On the center part there are the flowers of the brown button, and then on the circumference there are the flowers which are generally called petals. The stalk is long and strong, it can reach very high. Their leaves are green and big, long roots and lateral smaller ones. Its main characteristic is the presence of a part of the stalk which allows the flower to turn facing the sunlight.

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    Sunflower location

    Sunflower locationSunflowers grow in very hot places, but the minimum temperature should stay between 12 and 14 degrees C. Half shadowed areas are fine, but of course, the total sun exposure is ideal and helpful. In the presence of wind, it is better to fix the flower to the ground adding some poles or sticks to keep it straight and strong. The soil where they grow is a normal soil, without the need of specific characteristics, as long as it is fertile and deep. At the beginning of spring you can plant the seeds that will bud soon, and then you will have to repot them in bigger spaces, either huge pots or open spaces.

    Sunflower care

    Watering should be constant and heavy, most of all because you will have your sunflowers planted in places where the sun dries out every drop of water in the area. The attention you will have to pay is given to water stagnation, absolutely to be avoid. It is better to fertilize sunflowers with organic fertilizer releasing elements on a slow basis. There is a long list of elements which are useful, just ask for help to experts to know what to do.

    Sunflower maintenance

    Sunflowers do not need cutting or trimming operations, you will only have to remove those parts attacked by parasites, or dried out by the sun. In the case they get sick you will have to use the proper solutions made for sunflowers in order not to damage their essential parts like the seeds.