Ponds can help us feel and be more relaxed and in touch with the nature. Ponds are easy to create, most of all when you find those pre-made ones that you only have to dig and fix in your garden. Once you are done with that process, you can add all the optional elements that you want: statues, animals, plants, rocks, water effects, and many more. Do not hesitate to ask for help or suggestion about how to create the perfect pond for your garden.


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Fundamental for a pond is water. The effects that you could add to this go from streams, fountains, lights, and similar, that can add magic and interest to the stretch of water. To be sure you are installing the effects in the right way, ask for suggestion to who knows what to do. This also includes asking for help for the different kinds of pond that you could have: in ground, on the surface, resistant taps, plastic tanks and so on. Some can be already fitted with specific areas for food if you want to add fish or turtle, or even different levels for eventual plants, always depending on your personal taste.

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    PUMPS AND FILTERSParticularly necessary for your pond are pumps and all those elements that will keep the water clean without wasting it. There are pumps that allows you to recycle the water making the whole quantity of the same water go in a loop (cycle) passing through filters. Filters vary in measure and types. Ask for help to the experts if you have a specific need you wish to be taken care of.


    A pond itself is already a decoration for your garden, but this does not mean you are not free to add whatever other element to it to make it your own personalized pond. Aquatic plants are the most popular decorations. Some are also oxygenating plants, giving oxygen to the water keeping it clean and pure for eventual animals.

    Pond: CARE

    If you are willing to preserve your pond throughout the years, there is not so much of maintenance you should do unless you leave it unattended. In fact, taking care of small simple details with constancy will prevent you from wasting time and energy for eventual flaws. With the right filter, the right pump, adding water to the existing one, using the right elements such as specific soil for the layers and other specific information your expert will give you, you will have a healthy and safe pond for a long time.