Water lily

Water lily

Today water lilies are symbol of purity and innocence. Some water lily species have therapeutic properties and its roots can be transformed in powdery form to heal from bowl problems. Some population use it also in the culinary field because of the presence of starch.
Water lily

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Water lily location

Water lily location The best period to put in place your water lily goes from April through May and it should be done when the buds have started to bloom a little. You should plant the buds covering them all up with a lot of water. Clay soil is the ideal location for water lilies. The first flowers coming from a brand new water lily will appear after a period of two to three years. You can use regular water to fill up the tank or the lake where you will grow your water lilies, but you should wait at least a week when you use new water, in order to let it dirty up a little, losing chemicals. Do not change the water, only add it up when it evaporates.

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    Water lily care

    Water lily care Water lilies are not so hard to grow, you will only have to follow some simple rules. During the first implant phase, add some fertilizer to the soil, possibly made of dry blood. During the fall season, when water gets dried out, you should cover them with mold and fertilizer. When spring comes, you will have to substitute the sand layer with a brand new one. To reproduce you water lily, you often do not need to plant seeds, because you will need your budding plant, cutting down new buds and putting them under mold and send waiting for the blooming season.

    Water lily flowers

    Flowers on water lily will appear from May through September and they are hermaphrodite, which means they have both the reproductive organs, opening up during the daylight and closing up at night. The pollination is made my flies. Their color can vary and it is better to keep water temperature at a level of 20-25 degrees so that water lilies will produce amazingly colored flowers.

    Water lily maintenance

    Water lily’s worst enemies are the aphids aiming the flowers coming out of the water. If you see your flowers getting damaged by these parasites, before using specific products, first spray some water so that the small microorganism gets off more easily. Before choosing your water lily plant, remember to take in consideration the space you will need to grow them healthy and flourishing.