Bulbous anemones

Bulbous anemones:

Bulbous anemones

The anemones are among the most cultivated bulbous plants, often used as cut flowers.

In fact, these flowers are not produced by real bulbs, but by small fleshy rhizomes; these rhizomes, if dug up, tend to survive for a few years, though they usually dry up. When we buy the rhizomes of anemone we therefore bring home some small dried rhizomes. Before burying them, put them in a basin containing warm water, for at least 6-8 hours, so that they can swell, to prepare for the development of new leaves and roots. When your rhizomes are swollen again, put them in the earth, in a bright place, but sheltered from the sun during the hottest hours of the day, and with good rich and fresh soil. The anemones are buried at a depth equal to about 2-3 times their diameter; possibly putting some rhizomes with only a short distance between them, so that they give rise to clumps of flowers. In the autumn you can leave the rhizomes in the ground, but it is good to cover the area with straw or dry leaves, in order to protect them from the cold. If they don’t like low temperatures you can remove them from the ground, let them dry out in the air, and then place them in a jute bag with some sawdust, so that they can remain in a cool, dark, dry place until the following spring.

Bulbous anemones

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