A beautiful bush of Australian origin. It is cultivated in the garden, in open ground, or in pots, in a sunny place and in fresh, rich and slightly acid soil. It needs watering if the summer is too long, because it cannot stand prolonged drought. Every 12-15 days add fertilizer for flowering plants to the irrigating water.

In summer it produces special panicles of red flowers, like large brilliant brushes, and when the flowers fade it is advisable to remove them, because they tend to dry out, along with the tips of the branches that carry them: pruning in addition to its aesthetic benefit for the plant, will help to create a denser shrub overall. They suffer during the most intense frosts, so you should think to cover the shrubs in winter, using non-woven fabric.


Pianta di Callistemon in vaso Diam: 17 cespuglio

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