Deciduous Magnolia

Deciduous Magnolia:

Deciduous Magnolia

The genus Magnolia has many species. Among the most often-cultivated are definitely the deciduous magnolias, and in particular the magnolia stellata and Magnolia Soulangeana (a hybrid of French origin). These are slow growing shrubs, which over the years can reach the size of a small tree, up to 2-3 metres high. They should be planted in a sunny place, where they can enjoy a few hours of shade in the hottest periods of the day.

They need a fresh deep medium, very well drained, and preferably slightly acidic. Recently planted shrubs need watering during the warm months, and especially during flowering and the formation of foliage, if the spring weather is short of rain. Always avoid water stagnation, and therefore you should water only in case of very dry soil. In late winter, when blooming, scatter slow release granular fertilizer around the foot of the bush, which will dissolve into the earth with rain and watering.

Deciduous Magnolia

The Blooming of Deciduous Magnolias

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