Dwarf shrubs

Dwarf shrubs:

Dwarf shrubs

Often in city parks or large gardens you will be able to appreciate the charm of shrubs and large trees which it will be difficult to grow in your own little piece of land. To help you, the growers are always producing new varieties of dwarf shrubs, especially conifers, which it would be quite difficult to grow if you wanted the classic botanical species. The dwarf shrubs generally have the same characteristics as their cousins of classic dimensions, with the same leaves, the same behaviour and the same colours. However, they offer the advantage of very small dimensions, and growth that has almost been stopped, so that even adults many years old are kept within proportions suitable for a small garden or a terrace. These shrubs are particularly suitable for growing in pots, given their small size. Remember that the shrubs of dwarf varieties have very slow growth, so they tend to be quite expensive, and if you buy them when they are very small it will take years before they reach the desired final height.
Dwarf shrubs

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