growing citrus

growing citrus:

growing citrus

The citrus plants nearly all belong to the genus Citrus, and are evergreen shrubs or small trees, originating in Asia. In general these plants are easy to grow, and grow slowly. They originate in areas with mild climates and short, cold winters, so it is important to place citrus trees in a sunny place, sheltered from the cold and the wind. In northern regions these plants are grown in large pots, so that it is possible to move them away from the frost during the winter. They can withstand short periods of cold weather, even if they do not like frosts and prolonged cold. It is also possible to simply cover the canopy with non-woven agricultural fabric during the winter, but in this case it is important to place the plants in a place sheltered against the wind and facing south. They should be planted in a good loose soil, well drained and rich in organic matter. You can mix garden soil with mature organic fertiliser, sand and soft, light universal soil, avoiding soils that are excessively heavy, damp or clayey. The water demands of citrus trees are fairly intense, and from March to October you should water regularly, but avoid keeping the soil too wet. Rather you should water frequently, but always waiting for the soil to dry out well between waterings. Especially during the warmer, drier months, and especially for specimens grown in pots and for smaller plants, you can raise the ambient humidity by vaporising demineralised water. Even during the winter you should avoid letting the soil dry out completely for extended periods of time, especially if the weather is mild. Watering and humidity are particularly important when the plants are preparing their fruit, so remember to give them water on a more regular basis in the weeks after flowering. Citrus fruits require regular fertilizing, and we recommend the use of mature organic fertiliser, or slow release granular fertiliser, possibly one specifically for citrus, to spread on the soil around the stem in late summer and late winter. Dry shredded lupin e is also used as fertiliser, and this is very useful because it provides the right amount of minerals very slowly over time.
growing citrus

Citrus Fruits and Their Culture: A Bibliography of Books on Growing Citrus Fruits

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