Growing deciduous hibiscus

Growing deciduous hibiscus:

Growing deciduous hibiscus

There are dozens of species of Hibiscus, but we are looking at Hibiscus Syriacus, which is very common in our gardens.

It is a vigorous deciduous shrub, that is easy to grow. It should be planted out in the garden, in a sunny place, either as a single individual or to produce large flower borders. It is a hardy and durable plant, which can stand cold, heat or drought. You must just be careful in early spring that it is not attacked by aphids, which generally tend to colonize the tender shoots.

It produces large bell-shaped flowers, in pink, blue, and fuchsia, which are very decorative. After flowering you can prune the plant freely, if it requires containment, although pruning is not strictly necessary.

Growing deciduous hibiscus

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