Growing evergreen hibiscus

Growing evergreen hibiscus:

Growing evergreen hibiscus

There are many species of hibiscus. Now we are talking about Hibiscus rosa - Sinensis, a beautiful evergreen shrub. It is a species of Asian origin, ill-suited to the Italian climate. It is only grown in the garden in summer, and in winter must be kept in the greenhouse, or even indoors.

Throughout the summer it produces many bell-shaped flowers. They are yellow, red or orange, and very decorative. Water regularly, avoiding excesses and always waiting for the soil to dry out before watering again. The periodic use of a good fertilizer for flowering plants promotes flowering, as well as placing the plant in a sunny position. In autumn re-pot your hibiscus and shorten all the branches, to prevent it from developing excessively long and bare branches over time.

Growing evergreen hibiscus

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