Growing geraniums

Growing geraniums:

Growing geraniums

Geraniums are very commonly cultivated plants, since for many long weeks, from early spring until the autumn, they continue to give pleasure with their colourful flowers.

To maintain healthy and beautiful plants it is essential to place your plants in a very bright, possibly sunny place for at least 4-6 hours a day and remember to water them quite frequently, whenever the soil is dry, and to fertilise them every 10-12 days with a good fertilizer.

Periodically give the foliage a thorough cleaning, removing all leaves damaged by weather or insects or yellowed; to remove the leaves of a geranium it is sufficient to use your fingernails, but always avoiding removing the thin bark that covers the branches carrying the leaves to be removed.

If the leaves are particularly tough and firmly attached to the plant, remove them using clean and sharp scissors.

Periodically remove the withered flowers, which, like the leaves, can be easy prey for mould and mildew, which would quickly spread to the entire plant.

Growing geraniums

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