Growing Japanese Maples

Growing Japanese Maples:

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Japanese maples are an inexhaustible source of attraction in any garden. Generally these plants prefer a sunny position or partial shade, so don’t put them in locations where there is stagnant water. They won’t tolerate stagnant water, so it is advisable not to bury them too deep and to put some drainage material at the bottom of the hole. Then place the plant, paying attention to the direction of positioning. Usually the best side should be facing the garden. Cover with soil mixed with pumice, exerting strong pressure to anchor the plant firmly to the ground. With regard to fertilization, the ideal thing would be a light fertilizing mulch in late autumn, but you can opt for other types of chemical or organic fertiliser, even in early spring. After planting, the plant should be irrigated with plenty of water, to avoid the formation of air pockets around the roots. The plant should be pruned in late autumn. This is for containment and cleaning, and pruning also means you can give the plant the shape you’d like to see. Japanese maple trees are easy to grow. There are several species, with foliage of various shapes and colours. You should choose the species best suited to your garden and your needs. Recall that in general specimens grown from seed tend to grow faster than grafted individuals.
maples grow

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