Growing potted climbing plants

Growing potted climbing plants:

Growing potted climbing plants

It is not always possible to grow plants in the ground. On the terrace or in the garden, you can also grow a climbing plant in a pot. First of all get a nice large pot, so that your climbing plant has enough space for its roots. You can use a bell shaped pot, provided it is the right size.

Bury your climbing plant, taking care to place it at the same depth which it was at in the pot in which you bought it. If you do not have a wall or a trellis to which the creeper can attach itself, you can construct a structure which will keep the plant well developed in height.

Using some thin bamboo sticks build a high cone of rods around the plant, digging them deeply into the ground, and fixing them all together at the top with pieces of wicker or nursery wire. Avoid using an excessive number of rods, or inside the cone the plant won’t get enough sunlight and air, encouraging the development of pests and diseases.

Use nursery wire to fix the climbing branches to the outside of the cone, to encourage them to grow and cover the structure you have prepared. If the climbing plant is very strong, reinforce the structure at regular intervals by placing circles of wire inside the structure itself, to keep it solid.

Growing potted climbing plants

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