Growing Viburnum

Growing Viburnum:

Growing Viburnum

The viburnum is a shrub that is present in the Mediterranean and elsewhere. Many species belong to this genus, but in gardens the most popular are Viburnum Tinus and Viburnum Opulus.

There are evergreen and deciduous viburnum, but the ones most often grown in the garden are evergreens. These, then, are evergreen shrubs, with beautiful dark foliage. The shrub has a rounded development and even during the winter produces white blossoms, in an umbrella of inflorescences.

The flowers bloom in late winter, so to prune the plant it is advisable to wait until all the flowers have wilted and proceed by removing about a quarter of the length of the branches, and in order to keep the shrub full and lush, do this in the lower part too. Plant in soil that is rich and deep, and in a sunny position. Viburnum is quite resistant to the most common diseases and is generally not attacked by pests, although sometimes summer-flowering species are affected by aphids, which nest on the buds.

Viburnum that have been planted a few years usually do not require great care, with the exception of a fertilizing manure or a slow-release granular fertilizer in late winter. Recently planted specimens, on the other hand, may require light pruning and regular watering from March to September.

Growing Viburnum

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