They are acidophilic plants, which therefore need a specific soil to grow best, and this soil, together with the use of rainwater for watering prevents the onset of iron chlorosis, a disease that shows with rapid yellowing of the foliage . Plants affected by iron chlorosis can be cured using special greening fertilizers, which enrich the soil with minerals, such as iron, that are easily assimilated by the plant.

From April until the autumn, Hydrangeas need good watering, and a fresh medium: during the summer months you should also water daily. The rapid wilting of the foliage in the event of drought will tell you when the plant needs water. For specimens grown in pots, placing them in a pot-holder will allows you to water your hydrangeas during the warmer months, even every 2-3 days, leaving the plants to absorb the water they need from the pot-holder. During the winter hydrangea leaves dry up and the plants do not usually require any special care.


Vivai Le Georgiche Hydrangea Arborescens Annabelle (Ortensia)

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