The Lantana is an evergreen perennial shrub, native to South America, much like the verbena. It is cultivated in a very well drained soil, prepared by adding sand and universal soil to common garden soil, either in pots or in the ground. They can stand heat and drought, and should be planted in a sunny area, in order to obtain rich and continuous flowering throughout the summer.

The small flowers, grouped in clusters, are followed by fruits, which contain a single large seed, generally fertile, so it is quite easy to get new small plants from the seeds of the previous year. They need watering throughout the summer, to be done when the soil is quite dry. They don’t like the cold, so during the winter they should be protected, mulching the soil and covering the plant with non-woven fabric or in the case of specimens grown in pots, moving them into a sheltered place or a cold greenhouse. When autumn comes it is advisable to prune the small bushes to about 10 cm from the ground, to protect them better, but also to avoid that with time they will take on a disordered appearance, and empty in the lower part, closest to the ground.


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