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It should be planted in the garden, in a partially shaded area, where it can enjoy the sun only in the warmer hours of the day; it requires specific soil for acidophilic plants, lightened with a small amount of sand or pumice stone.

Recently-planted individuals require fairly regular watering during the summer, always waiting for the soil to dry between waterings. During the winter, watering is not necessary.

Plants planted in the ground for a long time need sporadic watering, only in case of quite prolonged drought. Periodically provide a specific fertilizer for acidophilic plants, the best way to administer it is to spread a slow-release granular fertilizer at the foot of the plant in late winter.

The foliage is dark green, shiny and slightly leathery. The spring buds are red, pink or orange. The flowers are gathered in thin curved spikes, composed of numerous bell-shaped white or pink flowers. To avoid losing young shoots and flowers, pruning is carried out when the flowers are withering.


I pirati della Magnesia

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