Preparing a centrepiece for the table

Preparing a centrepiece for the table:

Preparing a centrepiece for the table

Before you begin get a plate or bowl, which you will use to arrange your decorative elements. At the centre of the plate put a shape in Oasis, the florist’s sponge that will serve as a support, and soak it with water, to keep the centrepiece fresh for a long time.

If you have chosen very thin and flexible flowers or twigs, reinforce them using a piece of florist’s wire, which will also help you to insert them into the OASIS. Then insert each element you have chosen, one at a time, starting from the flowers, and then continuing with the leaves and finally the smaller flowers.

Avoid choosing flowers with too many colours, trying instead to keep a single shade of colour, to avoid getting too disorderly an effect. A few touches with small white flowers can help add some light to the composition.

Preparing a centrepiece for the table

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