Primroses are small perennial plants, distributed in the wild in Europe, Asia and America, and the varieties that we find in the nursery are hybrid varieties, derived from European and Asian species. They grow in shady or partially shady, but bright areas, although too much sun tends to make the small plants flourish too quickly and ruins the flowers. They can live in the garden, placed in pots or in the ground, but when you buy a primrose you should check where it should be grown: if it was kept in a protected area in the nursery, avoid exposing it outdoors immediately when the night temperatures are low.

They grow in a good rich and fresh soil, and don’t like drought and scorching sun, so remember to water regularly, keeping the soil always moist. Each plant produces many small flowers, and to prolong flowering, use a small pair of scissors to remove the withered flowers, so as to favour the production of new buds.


Primrose Green

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