Protecting plants from cold

Protecting plants from cold:

Protecting plants from cold

Some of the plants that grow in the garden are susceptible to frost, especially when it is very intense or when it lasts for long periods of time. In the nursery you can find some very useful materials to protect your plants from cold. If you have to protect a plant from cold and moisture at the same time, you can also use plastic materials. This kind of material is waterproof, so enveloping the crown of the plant will stop it getting too cold and also stop rainwater. If possible when you cover the plant try and leave a gap between the leaves and plastic, so that there is better ventilation, and if possible also try to leave at least a small chink open in the cover, which will prevent the formation of condensation on the foliage. During warmer days you can also leave the cover slightly open, in order to guarantee plentiful air for the plant. Depending on the requirements of the specific plant, you can choose plastic fabrics of different thickness, but avoiding excessively thick sheets, which might be too heavy for the plant or hard to handle and difficult to wrap around the plant itself.

If you donít need to protect your plants from moisture in winter, you might also choose to protect it with agro-fabric, which is a special fabric in white or green, also called non-woven fabric. This material turns out to give decidedly better insulation from the cold, and at the same time allows sunlight to reach the plants, but it is also porous, so that no harmful condensates form inside. There are various types of this non-woven fabric, of different thicknesses, so as to be usable even in colder areas. You can also find on the market convenient bonnets of non-woven fabric, used to shelter the canopies of more delicate shrubs from the cold. In areas close to the sea the most worrying thing is often not low temperature, but wind, and in that case you should use mats made from bamboo or natural fibre, placed close to the plants, to protect them from the cold. For palms or similar plants, however, you can cover them closely with the mats, so that the cold air does not penetrate through to the foliage.

Protecting plants from cold

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