The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree:

The Christmas tree

Whether you choose a real natural tree or a synthetic one, it is not so difficult to make your Christmas tree attractive. The key thing is to get many decorations. It is better to have more than enough than to have a bare or miserable-looking tree.

So prepare a variety of coloured balls, possibly of different sizes; trinkets of various kinds, ribbons, strings of beads, anything that you like: even some specially-made biscuits if you feel like making some. Obviously you should choose items in colours that can match easily: a typical tree might have red decorations, because red is the colour of Christmas, perhaps with some golden balls. The combination of blue and silver, reminding us of the sky and winter snow, is also typical .

However, on the market today you can find ornaments of every colour. Begin with the larger decorations, spacing them out so they are distributed adequately. Then add the decorations of medium size, and then the top decoration and coloured ribbons, which it would be best to apply to the tree along an imaginary spiral running from the top to the bottom of the tree. Finally add the trinkets and the smaller balls, to fill the areas that are left looking a bit empty.

The Christmas tree

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