The fuchsia

The fuchsia:

The fuchsia

The small species are generally sensitive to cold, while larger ones are resistant to frost. In the nursery itís easiest to find fuchsias poorly resistant to frost, that are grown outdoors only in the summer, but which produce richer and more decorative flowers.

These small plants are placed in semi shaded garden flower beds, or on the terrace, in a large pot, placed in a location where they are not affected by sunlight for too many hours.

In fact, they canít stand excessive heat, drought or sunshine during the hottest hours of the day.

You should therefore put them in partial shade, in the ground or in a beautiful pot, and water them with great regularity, without leaving the soil to dry for long periods of time, but also without leaving the substrate to soak for a long time.

From April until the first cold, every 12-15 days provide a good fertilizer for flowering plants, mixed with the irrigating water.

In winter put your fuchsias somewhere away from frost, preferably in a cold greenhouse, and suspend watering.

The fuchsia

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