The Nandina domestica

The Nandina domestica:

The Nandina domestica

It is grown individually or to form low hedges, and there are dwarf varieties, with compact development, which do not exceed one metre in height, while the normal species can grow up to two metres, but without overly rapid growth. They prefer a sunny position, where the new foliage takes on a characteristic reddish bronze colour. They can resist cold weather and can be placed in ordinary garden soil, as they tend to adapt even in less than ideal growing conditions.

Plants that are recently planted need to be watered regularly, avoiding exposure to drought for long periods of time. Plants that have been planted out for several years can be satisfied with rainwater, but in case of drought in summer or spring, it is still good to water your shrubs at least once a week. They don’t generally need pruning and are not easily affected by pests or diseases.

The Nandina domestica

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