The Skimmia

The Skimmia:

The Skimmia

At the end of winter it produces beautiful panicles of flowers which are white, pink or cream and delicately scented, followed by beautiful red berries that persist for a long time on the plant . They should be planted out in a semi-shaded location after working the earth thoroughly, and having mixed in a little manure and special soil for acidophilic plants.

They are hardy shrubs, which easily withstand even periods of intense frost. In the early months after planting, remember to water with good regularity, avoiding leaving the soil to dry out for a long time, and then, when the plant has adapted, it can withstand short periods of drought. Although growth is slow, it can happen that skimmias grow in a disorderly, unpleasing manner. Prune after flowering, shortening the branches that are carrying withered flowers.

The Skimmia

Skimmia (feat. Jean-Christophe Cholet, Xavier Mertian)

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