The Sweet William

The Sweet William:

The Sweet William

The Sweet William belong to the genus Dianthus, species Barbatus. They are small perennial herbaceous plants, which over time tend to spoil easily, so they are often grown as annuals or biennials, letting the seasonís old plants die and replacing them with new small plants. They are planted in the ground or in pots in a bright place, with a few hours of sun a day, in good well worked , rich and very well drained soil. Asphyxiated soil that is always soaked with water promotes the spread of mould and decay, which is harmful to these plants. You can sow Dianthus directly in March-April, or buy seedlings that have already developed. It blooms throughout the summer, and blooms longer and more abundantly if you regularly remove withered heads of flowers. Water from March to September, or whenever the soil is dry, avoiding excess.
The Sweet William

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