Uprooting and caring for bulbs in winter

Uprooting and caring for bulbs in winter:

bulbs in winter

Many summer-flowering bulbs can’t stand the cold, and cannot be left in the ground all winter. If you live in an area with mild winters you can simply cover the ground in the area where there are bulbs with a layer of a few inches of straw, bark or leaves, and that will protect the bulbs from the most intense cold. If you live somewhere with harsh winters it is advisable to take the bulbs out of the ground.

After all the leaves have withered, use a small hoe to dig up the bulbs, being careful not to ruin or mark them, then clean off the soil and put them in a dry place, preferably in the sun. When the bulbs are thoroughly clean and dry you have to keep them away from moisture, light and cold. To make sure of this, we generally put the cleaned bulbs in a tightly woven fabric bag, filled with a few handfuls of sawdust, which will absorb any moisture. The container should not be overfilled, and also there shouldn’t be too many bulbs crammed together. If you have a lot of bulbs to keep over the winter you can also put them in boxes, well spaced and covered with completely dry sawdust. The bags or crates are then placed in a dark, cool and dry place. The ideal place is a cellar that is not too damp, or otherwise a cupboard in an area of the house that is not heated.

bulbs in winter

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