It is due to the resemblance to the stars in its shape and the deep meaning that the ancients wanted to give it. There are several different kinds of this plant, some are grown to be ornamental plants, other to be simple flowers creating color in the gardens, and other to be cut and used as a cut flower, per se. Just like daisies, asters can be found anywhere, they do not need to be planted and grown with specific procedures, but if you want to maintain their presence in your garden, you could transplant them before fall or just use some seeds to see them bud during the spring.

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Aster plants have very specific characteristics which make them recognizable without difficulty. The huge amount of different species though, makes it hard to define them when we are encountering these flowers, in the specific. Their flowers are typical but the main yellow color is mixed with different colors shades. Depending on when they bloom, the different species of Aster are divided in those who grow during summer/fall and those who are at their best during spring. They need a good drainage to maintain their features for a longer period. One of these particular flowers is the asteris alpinus that can be found up to 50 meter ASL in the Italian territory.

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Growing this plant is not as easy as any other kind of plants. In fact the usage and the purpose of these flowers are not as wide as other species, although considered massive cut flowers. You could take care of the plant by allowing more light exposure using artificial lamps making the daylight last longer than usual. This would help with the blooming of the flowers without any risk. If you need to collect them, do not let them bloom completely: cut them when they are almost open and create bouquet or compositions that should last for days. Whenever the flowers start facing down, then you know they are about to wither: use some silver nitrate to make them survive a little longer.


Asters do not need a lot of maintenance because they are easily found in nature. Nevertheless, if you are trying to grow healthy and strong asters, be sure you keep parasites away using the correct solutions and watering them with the right amount of water without soaking their soil. Do not let them get frozen during winter because very low temperature are hard to bear for them as well.

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