Most of the times heather is utilized to decorate gardens, balconies and terraces. It can be placed either indoors or outdoors, what matters the most is that the temperature should never be below 4 degree c. Heather needs much light and mostly the morning sunlight is better than the afternoon light. It can grow in bushes but it never reaches excessive dimensions. It blooms from fall through winter and it can have several different colors. A fresh and humid location is ideal for heather to be prosperous.

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Heather Characteristics

Heather has many different species to count on. Depending on their species they can have different typical characteristics but they all respond to be characterized by heather plants. The ideal location for every heather is acid soil mixed with mold, in order to improve the drainage of the soil. Scion is the best technique to reproduce heather and there is a specific procedure to follow, in order to get perfect new heather ready to be transplanted. Every heather has amazing flowers and they can have several different colors.

  • cultivating heather The genus Erica has many species of small shrubs flowering in winter and spring, and to these we should add calluna and daboecia, other ericaceous varieties with flowers very similar to those of heath...

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Heather Location and care

Once you have placed your heather in the right environment, using acid soil, adding some mold and drainage systems, you only have to take care of your plants with fertilizer and water. To fertilize heather you will need liquid solutions, and you should use it every fifteen days. Since heather needs a constantly humid soil, you should be careful with watering, avoiding to soaking choke your plant. If your water is full with limestone residues, do not use it. Collect some rain water or de-mineralized one. You can also spray the leaves and the whole plant to keep humidity constant and balanced. A curiosity is that heather needs a couple of fungi to survive because, attaching to the roots, they provide some specific substances they produce that the plant uses to survive. Cut your heather when the flowering season is over, taking away dry leaves and flowers and reducing its dimension in order to preserve its strength.

Heather Maintenance

Except for the positive fungi that heather needs to survive, this plant is not safe from other several enemies, that most of the time, lead it to death. Red spiders and cochineals attack producing damages that could be more or less harmful. You can see if it got attacked because the plants turn sick and fragile, and a sort of film get created on the leaves. Since heather is very good if used as phytotherapic element, because of its antiseptic, diuretic and healing properties, it is good to preserve its potentiality avoiding parasites to install and watering with the right amount and type of water.