Pistachio characteristics

The pistachio tree has a specific appearance. It has a height that can reach up to eight or ten meters. Its trunk is grey with a huge inflorescence; its wood is yellow when the plant is young, and red when the tree grows old. Pistachios drop leaves during winter and they bloom from spring through the beginning of summer. Flowers have different shapes depending on their type: female or male flowers. The fruits are composed by a shell and a nut colored in green rich in vitamins and essential oils.

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Exposition and location

Pistachio trees adapt well to the typical Sicilian territory. The hot and dry weather creates the ideal habitat for pistachios to grow healthy and tasty. Although it loves to grow in hot places, pistachio can handle cold weather as well, but it has to be protected from ice and snow that could ruin the flowers. Exposition should prevail facing south and sunlight is always the best choice. The ideal soil is rocky and its favorite is composed by volcano rests and lava. Nonetheless, every kind of soil is good for pistachios to grow without any problems.

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    Pistachio care

    Pistachio careDo not overwater your pistachio, it does not need that much water as far as you keep it watered once a week. Fertilization with a lot of nitrogen and potassium allows the creation of new buds. Trimming your pistachio will help it grow stronger but you must be really careful because it is not easy for the plant to heal. One typical practice for pistachio is the cutting of un-fructifying buds and weeds that would suffocate the plant.

    Pistachio parasites

    Even though pistachio is very strong and resistant, it has many enemies that could potentially hurt the plant. Fungi and rust are parts of these potential killers. Bugs and other parasites as well could hurt the plant risking to have it dead without being able to heal it. This happens most of all when they attack the fruits and the disease spreads through the plant reaching the trunk and the roots. Be careful and keep your pistachios away from their enemies.