Scotch Broom

Scotch Broom

Scotch broom is a plant which is originally from Asia, Africa and Europe. It is part of a family made of 75 species which are easy to find and most of all, easy to grow. The main feature which makes them recognizable is the almost total absence of leaves. Branches are full of thorns and the few leaves which might appear will eventually fall once the flowers start blooming. Fruits are like beans, containing up to ten flat seeds. Brooms are very popular and important for many reasons, because they can be used as ornamental plants but also to refuel those woods and areas who need to be repopulated.
Scotch Broom

Scotch broom

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Scotch Broom characteristicsSome brooms are small and they grow in the eastern regions, they are full of thorns and their flowers are yellow. It generally depends on the climate of the area they grow in. In Europe, most of all in Spain and Portugal, there is a specific branch of the family, characterized by its bush-like shape which can reach up to two meters. Other parts of the family grow small and they differ in the color of the leaves and of the flowers. The Mediterranean areas are full of brooms which are smelly and their flowers are of an intense yellow.

    Scotch Broom

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    Brooms are fundamentally Mediterranean plants which means they need warmth and good weather for their growth. They need hot weather and sunny spots but they are very adaptable as well, as long as the temperatures do not go lower than zero. As for the environment, they do not like to grow around other species of plants. They need a slightly alkaline soil but even if it may not have specific characteristic, brooms grow well in dry soils too. More than the attention on the habitat, it is better to focus on the care of the plants themselves, and in particular, of their roots.


    Scotch Broom careRoots are fundamental for scotch brooms. Damaging their roots, even if only for a little bad maintenance, could affect the whole plant lifecycle. Once the plant has been re-potted in its final position, it will not request that much of attention or special care. On the contrary, the operation of repotting is very fragile and particular. The most important moment is when you remove the plant from the original vase: breaking or damaging the roots will be fatal. Water is not so important, or better, since it is a plant which grows in dry locations, it will need only a small quantity of water every once in a while.


    Depending on if you are growing in on the ground or in the vase, your scotch broom will need different maintenance operations. Trimming should be performed in specific times of the year, always once the blooming period is over. Most of the time, the perfect trimming sees the total cut off of all the branches, having an even better growth of the plant. Fertilization is useful but not essential. It is a practice which will help the plant get stronger. Since it can get attacked by aphids and fungal infections, be sure you will use the right fungicides and anti-parasites solutions without affecting the plant.