Rose variety

Nowadays roses are grown in greenhouses, even though it is not so uncommon to find wild roses spreading in different areas. Some of the new species are the product of crossbreeds. This is why we find red roses of different kinds, but also pink roses, yellow roses, each with a specific name; moreover, bicolor roses exist now, which are the most cherished.

Rosa eterna Rossa

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Rose location

The ideal soil for a rose is fertile, a mixture of chalky and mold with the right possibility of drainage. Even if it is not so difficult to grow roses, remember that there are so many parasites and diseases that could affect this plant. Prevention is always the right choice, so use specific solutions to repair the rose plant. If you live in a mild climate area, you better bed out your rose in October or between January and February, adding some peat to the mold. Consider that the roots should have enough space to breathe and expand without constrictions.

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Fertilization and watering

Fertilization and wateringRoses should be fertilized every two years with some manure before they recover from the period of rest. Once you fertilize it, you can add water and let the nutrients flow down the roots as well. When you water the plant remember not to spray the flowers nor the leaves because they could get attacked by fungi or parasites while wet. Roses should be watered with a lot of water and on a regular basis. Usually you can water these plants during the summer nights and in the morning when the spring season comes.

Trimming and maintenance

Trimming the roses is an important procedure that should be done with awareness. It is useful to either give shape to the plant and to get rid of dry or unhealthy branches. Trim your plant when the rose is resting, with a diagonal cut above the buds. Depending on the climate, the ideal time to trim or to cut your rose could vary, so ask for help to experts to know the best period when practicing this procedure. When you collect the flowers to put them in a vase, do not use tap water. Try to create an acid solution in order to preserve your bouquet of roses. To maintain your plant free from parasites, you should know these agents: ask for information on how to recognize lice, cochineals, fungi, rust and similar. When your plant looks unhealthy, use the right solutions to cure it, otherwise just try to prevent it from getting attacked.

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