In the ancient times, roses were the symbols of beauty and their original color was supposed to be candid white. The rose turned red because of a supernatural event caused by Venus, who was in love with Adonis. Mars got jealous and killed Adonis, so its blood was used to get a red blooded rose. Ancient legends are full with stories utilizing roses for various purposes. Special power were given to roses and to those who could manage these flowers taking advantage of their potential magic.


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Rose characteristics

Roses were not only used in literature and mythology, in fact, in a concrete way, they were utilized as ornamental and decorative plants, as much as essential and phytotherapic elements deriving from nature. With roses, a lot of people decorate parks and gardens, balconies, terraces and border areas. Roses own several different varieties. As for many other things, people gave these flowers some meanings and beliefs which are now part of the folklore of the whole populations. Colors are linked to several different meanings but also numbers, bouquets, ways of sending flowers, and many more.

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Dodici rose a settembre

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Roses location

Roses location Depending on the species, roses can be grown almost anywhere. People use it for many different purposes, and most of the time, it is not only because of their beauty, but also their thorns which can prevent people from stealing or trespassing a closed zone in order to avoid to get hurt. One flaw of these flowers and plants is that they are easily attacked by parasites. Roses affected by diseases and similar look awful and ugly; if you neglect their development, you will not get those amazing flowers as they are or could be, with the right care and attention. If you are growing roses to collect them, always be sure you keep them clean and neat, using the right anti-parasites solutions and watering them whenever needed.

Roses care

Roses do not need a lot of special care if you keep them under a constant and correct attention. They need water every once in a while, mostly if you are growing them in vases. If you have planted them in the ground, then you will see that regular rain can afford the sufficient water supply they need, but if you do have very hot summertime, then you should add some more frequent watering to keep them hydrated. Cut them when they get too unbearable and trim the plant before the resting season in order to preserve them from parasites attack and dryness.

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