Palm tree

Palm characteristics

Palm trees are strong trees. Their trunk is strong and very thick. Many of the several different species do not have branches, but mostly each palm tree has that specific leaf configuration growing in groups on the top of the trunk. Their leaves are typically big and there are mainly two kinds of leaves: composed or single sided, they can have many different small leaves or they can open up in a fan shape. When the leaves drop, a sinewy base remains where they used to grow. Depending on the species, they fructify with coconuts, dates or other fruits.
Palm tree

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Palm location

The ideal habitat for palm trees is of course the one which is covered by the sun, with a well exposition to sunlight and warmth. Nonetheless it can easily handle winter low temperatures, and in the case they get too rigid, it will only need to be covered up with plastic or leaves. When palm trees fructify, they drop seeds that can be used to reproduce the plant during spring. The soil where the palm tree grows is rich with humus, but it should not be too wet. If you add some sand to your regular soil, your palm will grow comfortably fine.

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    Palm care

    Palm care Palm trees should be watered during the first vegetative period, with frequent hoses and waiting until the soil gets dry to add some more water. A regular watering cycle will guarantee a correct development of leaves and plants themselves. Keep the plants protected when the weather gets too cold but do not be afraid to leave your palms under the right exposition of sunlight because the more the better.

    Palm tree: Palm parasites

    Cochineals are the worst enemies for palm trees, and they can be recognized by the yellow spots appearing on the palm tree leaves. Be sure you prevent this attack by keeping parasites away from your plant or by using anti-parasites at the first uprising of symptoms. Diseases can arise when the plants get left grow unhealthy and in a very high percentage of humidity.

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