Whether they are fruit trees, decoration plants, or simply trees, we are already aware of the fact that it is impossible to collect, and to describe, all the thousands of existing species. Depending on where they grow or are grown, on the specific features and purposes of their products, such as leaves, trunks, fruits, syrups, and similar, every tree will have its importance and its way to be treated and preserved.

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Being impossible to distinguish every single species, and to obtain the main characteristics from them all, it is better to be aware of the multitude of general information we can get dividing the trees among families that have, more or less, the same potentiality and same general features. There are those trees that are spontaneously present in nature, those that are part of woods and forests, useful to humanity for many different reasons. Trees maintain the soil compact and strong with their roots, but they can also produce nutrients and fruits. Trees can be a repair, and with the wood coming from trees, we can cover up so many different needs. Some trees are also cultivated and grown for specific reasons, others are cut down to be replaced, and a few others are relics of old, better ancient, times.

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Besides those naturally present trees as mentioned above, trees are also grown in order to take advantage of the thousands products humanity can get from them. Wood in the first place is utilized for many different purposes, from construction to decoration, but fruits, syrups and natural products, are what is cherished the most, considering the utility of their lifecycle. Growing trees consists of knowing where specific trees can fit, what they need to grow healthy and to be productive, knowing how to maintain them and being aware of the consequences of having a tree to be taken care of.

Trees: Care

Trees seem strong and healthy when they are adult plants, ready to provide us with fruits and different products. The process of getting where they are though, is hard and long. In fact, from the seed to the adult plant, a tree passes through several stages where patience, care and a lot of attention must be taken in consideration in order to grow healthy and productive trees. Fruit trees, moreover, need even more care considering that you should also maintain them for their potentiality to fructify, and for the presence of fruits once they are going through the production stage. Ways and methods to care for trees will be explained in the specific paragraphs about each kind of tree.