Bouganville is a very particular plant we can find walking through city or country roads, being charmed by its flowers and colors. It is typically from tropical areas of Southern America and it can grow as a creeper or a bush. Its name is given to the admiral who brought to Europe when stolen from its journeys to Brazil. It is now present in several places, usually coastal areas, where it is typically purple.


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Bouganville characteristics

Bouganville Bouganville needs sun exposure and warm temperatures. Some species are evergreen while others drop leaves during the winter. Bouganville branches are thin and with thorns, but when it blooms from June to November, the huge amount of flowers covers it all up. Bouganville is sometimes used also as a bonsai. Flowers can be red, orange, pink, white, purple and the leaves are generally lucid green. There are several different species of bouganville, each one with its own characteristics.

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    Bouganville location

    Bouganville location Bouganville needs a well drained soil with sand, mold and similar. Every once in a while you should change the soil, most of all if you are growing it in vase. During the winter it is better to keep it in a protected area from adverse weather conditions and cold. Depending on where you placed it outside, be sure the location is the ideal spot for bouganville to grow without hindrances.

    Bouganville care

    Bouganville should be fertilized during the summer with liquid fertilizer mixed with water and added to the irrigation practice once a week. During the fall season, it is a good idea to fertilize with a specific slow fertilizer without having to water the plant that often. Three times a week during the summer is the right frequency for watering. Always remember not to create water stagnation because bouganville gets rotten easily and molds or fungi can attack anytime. Before spring it is always ideal to trim the weak branches and also the top of all the others to improve the growth of the whole plant.

    Bouganville maintenance

    When bouganville gets attacked by parasites you will only have to use the right products, and once the disease is over, you will have to prevent the parasites to get back on the plant in order to keep it alive. Water stagnation can cause molds which can be prevented by paying attention to watering procedures. When cutting the branches, be sure you will use clean and proper tools, keeping the plant safe from infections and potential damages.

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