Creepers are usually utilized to create ornamental corners or decoration to gardens and green areas of a house. Most of the time, you can also find creepers in hedges and arbors, tactically used to create a border with shadowy purposes and privacy. Most of the plants that are used to create creeper areas are also part of that vegetable family of herbal plants. This means that if you create a creeper wall with jasmine, wisteria or bouganville flowers, you can assure yourself those smelly flowers and their active principles if you already know how to handle and treat them.

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Climbers location

Creepers can grow anywhere, as long as they have a surface where to grow and expand, creating a wall-like structure made of leaves, branches and flowers. Usually, if you are willing to create garden borders and similar, creepers are planted in the ground letting them grow through garden nets and enclosures, keeping them under a regular maintenance if you do not want the creeper to overgrow creating a chaotic green hedge attached to your house. Settling creepers on terraces and similar requests the presence of vases that should be big enough to contain the plant when still small, foreseeing its growth and the room it will need for the development of its roots. The bigger the vase, the longer the plant’s branches will be.

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    Climbers exposure and care

    Climbers exposure and care Creepers are generally strong plants; this is one of the reasons why they are utilized as border plants or decorative elements. This means also that their exposure to sun or adverse weather conditions is relatively important, in fact, as long as you fix it correctly to supports and stable nets, they will survive without complications. What you should consider is the sunlight exposure if you live in a place where summers are hot and dry. In that case, do not place your creepers under the direct sunlight exposure, and find a place where light is present, but the sun cannot risk to burn the plant. Watering is related to the kind of creeper you have, usually, it is always a right procedure to never let the soil get too dry or too wet. A constant not too heavy watering will preserve parasites and dryness to ruin your plant.

    Creepers: Climber maintenance

    If you follow the right procedure taking care of your creepers, you do not need to worry about much maintenance due to parasites or diseases. Depending on which plant you have, every species will need its own care and growing methodology. Just be sure you ask for the right directions if you are not used to handle with creepers. Parasites and diseases are potentially always ready to attack; in order to preserve your creeper, no matter the kind, you should prevent water to stagnate or dryness to take advantage, leaving the plant free from defenses, getting fragile and sick. Treat your creepers as you would treat any other plant and you will assure your borders or your green terrace corners for a long time.