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To have all the right equipment at your disposal it facilitates your hobby in growing an orchard, a vegetable garden or a flowering and blooming garden. Some tools carry out specific work, others are useful to do different kind of works; each and everyone used in the right way helps our work to be done with less exertion. History tells us about great changes in gardening tools which at the very beginning were made of wood, bone or tin. As metal working developed in iron and steel it enabled the manufacture of more resistant tools and brand new innovative tools until, now a days, of power tools. In this section we will go and illustrate you the most important and useful gardening tools, the way to show you a complete panorama of their existence and use so you can help yourself gardening without too many efforts transforming gardening from a hard work into a hobby.Gardening tools are many so it is easy to believe you need everything. Before to buy a tool, ... continua

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    • Air-spray

      The liquid is placed in a container and, thanks to the pressure, it is sprayed out in very small dro
    • Chainsaw

      Chainsaw It is a very useful tool that allows you to cut or trim faster than a regular classic saw. You only
    • Hedge trimmer

      Hedge trimmer The hedge trimmer works thanks to an engine that can be turned on either with electricity or with g
    • Outdoor tiles

      Outdoor tiles Outdoor tiles are similar to those used inside of your house, but it does not have the same fragilit
    • Rototiller

      Rototiller Nowadays, even for small areas, there are smaller mechanic tools which allows you to improve your ac
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      prosegui ... , make sure you really need it depending on your personal requirements. Then choose ergonomic tools you can use comfortably taking on account weight and grip. Scissors are a little essential tool useful for cutting and pruning stalks and thin branches to keep in our toolbox together with a grass shears, shredders, and cutting-off tools with sharpen blades and long grips to reach the highest branches of a tree or a plant. Never forget to equip yourself with a wide set of water cans to give water to your plants and a nebulizer for plant with aerial roots. A gardening equipment must have a garden cart to carry comfortably every tool you need from a place to another or just to carry trashes to throw away. To ease your hobby in your garden technology went one step further with power tools that on balance replaced old manual tools. This is the case of the mower to sickle your garden grass or the chainsaw which speeds cutting branches up. Useful power tools have been developed even to ease the picking work of peasants. For example the olive tree shaker replaced the old nets peasant placed at the foot of trees to collect olives. Another good example is the cultivator which replaced the hard and strenuous hoe work. These and many more tools will be described in this section.