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As you might know, your garden needs a constant care and maintenance to be healthy and to look nice and cured. Flowers and plants need to be taken care of following a general rule and a specific scheme. Gardening can be considered a technique, a process involving how you take care of your plants and flowers and green elements, that can either be considered a hobby or a professional activity. Being in contact with the nature through gardening allows you to realize how curing and rescuing your green items can differ from growing goods with a business purpose. When you decide to start your gardening activity, it is important that you pick the right plants for your green heaven. They have to fit well with the area and the weather conditions, in order to avoid the plants to suffer, needing more care than expected. You should consider the kind of soil your garden has, ... continua

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    • Aeration of the lawn

      Aeration of the lawn Mowing residues and dead leaves tend over time to create a thick impenetrable layer, called felt, wh
    • Christmas decorations and wreaths

      Christmas decorations and wreaths During the weeks leading up to Christmas you can decorate the house with fir branches or other Chris
    • Cleaning the sink siphon

      Cleaning the sink siphon . Before cleaning it out, make sure you have not used a drain-clearing product, because they contain
    • Cleaning wrought iron

      Cleaning wrought iron First of all, clean and wash the items using first water, then fine steel wool soaked in oil, which
    • Consolidating treatment for old wood

      Consolidating treatment for old wood It works by filling the empty spaces caused by termites with a flexible and solid material, so as to
    • Crown grafting

      Crown grafting Crown grafting is practised during the early spring months, and is used in particular to rejuvenate
    • Cultivating heather

      cultivating heather The genus Erica has many species of small shrubs flowering in winter and spring, and to these we sho
    • Cultivation of evergreen plants

      evergreen plant Evergreen plants are shrubs or trees with special foliage which remains on the plant during periods
    • Cuttings of succulent plants

      cutting Many succulent plants tend to produce new shoots at their base, from which new plants can grow. Duri
    • Designing an irrigation system

      Designing an irrigation system Remember that each sprinkler can water all around it, or only in a very specific angle you have set.
    • Division of roots of perennial plants

      Division of roots of perennial plants Perennials which have been in place for a long time and are well developed can be propagated by the
    • Fighting snails and slugs

      Fighting snails and slugs In the market there are special baits that kill these animals when ingested. These products are base
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      prosegui ... , adding to this, its dimension and sufficient space. Do not forget to think of the final effect that you would like the garden to have, so you will work with a target in mind.Gardening does not mean only taking care of flower and plants. If you want to grow trees and bushes, always remember the potential actions that you will have to deal with once your plant is mature, such as fertilizing, trimming, protecting, healing. You could also be interested in growing a small corner of herbal plants, or spices, considering the duality of those ornamental plants that can be also used in the kitchen. Your grass is part of the garden itself, and maybe one of the main goals of your gardening: you should keep your lawn green and never let the bluegrass suffocate everything. Evergreens, creepers and similar, must be kept constant, regular and light, without letting them be free to over grow.When you are speaking of gardening, you are already considering the maintenance and the cure per se. Nevertheless, there are people who do not really have a green thumb to count on, so they will limit their operations to the mere cutting of weeds and similar small actions, giving the responsibility of more important procedures to a garden specialist. You should ask for help and information in order to know when it is the right time to cover your plants repairing it from the cold, or when it is the case to fertilize the whole lawn without making it getting dry, or any other similar simple caring fact that could be followed by small disasters if done in the wrong way.