• Gardening Videos

    Gardening Videos
    As you might know, your garden needs a constant care and maintenance to be healthy and to look nice and cured. Flowers and plants need to be taken care of following a general rule and a specific scheme. Gardening can be considered a technique, a process involving how you take care of your plants and... go to the section Gardening Videos
  • Gardening tools

    Gardening tools
    To have all the right equipment at your disposal it facilitates your hobby in growing an orchard, a vegetable garden or a flowering and blooming garden. Some tools carry out specific work, others are useful to do different kind of works; each and everyone used in the right way helps our work to be d... go to the section Gardening tools

  • Plants parasitic

    Plants parasitic
    Parasitic and insects affecting plants are the main cause of their death or at least of their ill health. There are lots of parasitic and insects existing in nature and each and everyone acts differently depending on alimentation or procreation needs. Indoor or outdoor plants both risk to be affecte... go to the section Plants parasitic
  • Lawn

    Lawn is the best place to sit down and relax, it is a symbol of calm and serenity. There you can sit and read, kids can play, pets can run. When it is springtime you can have a rest under the trees shadow, have chat with your friends, barbecuing and a lot of things usually done outdoor. Lawn needs c... go to the section Lawn

  • Graft

    A graft is a method that is used to reproduce and multiply plants, or portions of plants. This allows the plant to be a single element, but divided in several ones. On a grafted plant there is always a lower part called root stock which can be considered a graft holder, and the upper side which is t... go to the section Graft
  • Garden playground

    Garden playground
    Choosing playgrounds to put into that dedicated space should be accurate and suited on the children age and necessity. When organizing that place is better not to cobble it for two simple reasons: the first is that kids could play directly touching the grass; the second is that falling upon the gras... go to the section Garden playground

  • Fertilizer

    Everyone owning a garden, a vegetable garden or simply a plant, or a flower pot knows the word fertilizer, and you do not have to be a green thumb to actually know what it is or how it works. To be more specific and to actually find its right place in the whole scene, the fertilizer can be identifi... go to the section Fertilizer
  • Plant disease

    Plant disease
    Plants, even if they are healthy and cared with attention can be attached by different diseases provoked by a wide range of persuaders. Bacteria, viruses, parasitic, insects or little animals such as moles and snails and fungi both of animal and vegetal nature can affect plants and transmit them ris... go to the section Plant disease

  • Irrigation system

    Irrigation system
    To always have healthy and beautiful plants and grass, you should opt to create, if you do not have one already, an irrigation system passing through your garden. Thinking of the watering system turns out to be useful if done while designing the whole garden structure. You can choose your starting p... go to the section Irrigation system
  • Garden planning

    Garden planning
    When you design the structure you would like your garden to have, you should not forget to ask for help to garden designers and green specialists that could help you with important decisions related to shadows, sunlight, green presence, right space, and similar. If you want to make it look professio... go to the section Garden planning

  • Botanic

    The most important tool for a botanic specialist is the herbal book where samples of any kinds of plants are stored and classified. Descriptions are usually attached in order to get the distribution and the status in nature of those plants. Usually a book made of at least two thousand samples is wel... go to the section Botanic
  • Pruning tree

    Pruning tree
    Since pruning can be performed both on ornamental plants and mass production trees, different procedures and methods can be applied to different techniques. Pruning is necessary when the plants should be helped with their growth or production, because they could originally be slow or too fast, and d... go to the section Pruning tree