Botanical card

Botanical card

A botanic sheet is a document reporting all the information relating to a specific species of plant. This piece of paper is the fundamental document of all the vegetable species in existence and monitored by the botanic field because they contain all the main generalities about the plant, characteristics, ability to face adversities, location, environment, indications are all included. It is like an identity card specific for plants. Gardening lovers but also amateurs, should always follow the indications provided by the botanical in order to intervene whenever needed in every phase of the growth of a plant.
Botanical card

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StructureThe botanical contains all the information about the plant as studied, following a precise order that will eventually begin with a picture followed by a name until reaching the physical description with the specific vegetable parts, ways of cultivations, features, and more. It has horizontal lines and boxes or symbols. Not all the botanical are the same, in fact, they report only the information gotten before writing the botanical card itself. Botanical cards are periodically updated following the new information coming from further studies. A minimum of 20 lines and a maximum of 30 are the standard rules and it depends on how many information the researchers have found while studying the species.

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    The botanical follows a compiling order. Usually at the beginning you have the botanical name of the plant, which is a Latin name, composed by the genre of the species followed by the species. When possible, the variety and the synonym are also attached. Family, origin, typology, physical characteristics, blooming season, location, climate, sun exposure, ideal temperature and other features, come one after the other. The richer the botanical cards, the more complex the plant. For example, the olive tree botanical cards is very detailed, one of the most detailed containing all the information regarding the tree and the products it provides.


    The botanical cards are written by specific organisms and botanical commissions which are present everywhere in the world. The catalog job aims to guarantee the preservation of the species and the disappearance of those conditions that could affect the survival of the plants like parasites, diseases and environmental damages. Every botanical card has its own writer that could vary from researcher, scientist, specialist, and others, and they do their job even posting on line their findings. Every botanical card, whether created to specify the family or the single plant, is elaborated in alphabetical order. It has to be created in this way because the species that are actually known, as of right now, are a lot. The order follows either the list of the botanical name or the name of the belonging family.

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