Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

A botanical garden is a huge area which is designed to be a garden. Many European botanical gardens use the same style of regular Italian gardens appeared since Renaissance. They follow a precise symmetry and geometrical shapes containing monuments and vegetation. Each plant’s species has a description and, if not, the specialists taking care of the garden can lead you through a guided tour when visiting. The main purpose is to study and see the development of the plants, which means that who builds these gardens they also have to take care of the pieces, without letting them die or disappear.
Botanical Garden

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Botanical elements

Botanical gardens contain several different vegetal species defined as “collections”. This means that plants are not grown only for ornamental purposes, of course, but to be able to study plants and interactions, their lifecycles and all the thousands other characteristics. In order to do that, botanical gardens should host as many species as possible, cataloging everything under family group and main characteristics. Carnivorous, succulents, aquatic, spontaneous, wild, tropical, poisonous, herbal and official are all kinds of plants that you could find, and many more.

    Botanical Gardens

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    Where and who

    Botanical GardenBotanical gardens are spread all around the world. Paris, Berlin, Coimbra, Padua, Rome, Naples, and many more are all botanical garden sites which host most of the amazing plants coming directly from their original birth place. Arboretum areas can also be hosted by natural reserves and public parks, as it happens in the United States, Poland, UK and France. Usually students from all over the world take trips with their school during the first years, following their class programs, and above all when they are about to, or already studying biology and chemistry, or earth sciences with flora and fauna. Researchers, teachers, botanists, scientists, gardening lovers and everyone else are all welcome in botanical gardens. Sometimes who hosts the botanical gardens are also the guides that will help with the management of the structure, whether they are studying in it or only dealing with the care of the plants.