Fertilizers are different one from the other and they can vary in preparation, depending on the purpose they are made for. There are organic, chemical and mineral fertilizers. Every need of a plant requests a particular fertilizer that can be the most organic one to a more chemical based. Manure is the most common one for organic grown plants and it is usually the most utilized in the preparation of the soil for its first crop session. For plants grown in vase, fertilizers in solutions are easier to spray and their effectiveness is as positive as the others. Some fertilizers can also give more strength to the plants, involving the usage of particular minerals and natural elements, contributing to a heavier and healthier crop.

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TIME Depending on the plant they have to go and help with, every fertilizer need a specific time to be used for and with a predefined frequency. It is always good to ask for help to the experts that sell the fertilizer, considering that every kind of fertilizer has its own specificity and usage methodology. Usually fertilizers are used at the beginning of the lifecycle of a crop, when the soil has to be prepared and ready to be worked on, and every time the plants need to be fed with nutrients and natural elements, for example after the crop is done, to reintegrate the minerals, or when the plants look stressed and sick, to restore their energies.

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To be sure you are using the correct amount of fertilizer you have to know the elements that are part of the soil you are going to use to grow your plants. In fact, it is very important to be aware of the characteristics of the mold so that you will have the right fertilizer to be added and used to improve the quality of the soil. There are also correction fertilizers, used in the case of specific kinds of mold that need to be treated prior to settle down the plants or the seeds, but it all depends on the information you have about your land.