Garden Plants

Garden Plants

Of course they will be all interesting and they should be all taken in consideration, but we have to narrow down the group to only those most common and well known in order to give a general idea of what can be considered in the group and what not. Garden plants are those that can be placed anywhere and grown by anyone without specific knowledge of agriculture techniques or professional methods.
Garden Plants

Garden Plants for Mediterranean Climates

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Some plants

In your garden you could have so many different kinds of plants, but some are most recognizable than others. Oleander, lavender, azalea, rhododendron and others are all plants that we all know and that are usually givento people for specific events, or yearly recurrences, such as birthdays and anniversaries. They all have specific characteristics, they belong to specific plant families and each kind has its own methods and ways of leading their lifecycle and similar. They need cures and attention, specific locations and maintenance and usually, some of these garden plants are potentially able to grow even on terraces and placed indoors, when planted in vases.

  • In the section of dedicated to the vegetable garden, you will find growing cards for the plants most commonly planted in the family vegetable garden, with cultivation tips, so that you...

Garden Warfare

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Location, care and growing

Garden PlantsDepending on each plant there will be specific places where you should locate your garden plant in order to make it grow healthy and strong. Choosing the ideal mold is also part of the interests you should develop when willing to grow your garden plants, in fact some will need acid mold, others will have it mixed with sand, and the rest could adapt to normal ph mold, without having to create it or to look for a specific one. Growing techniques and care manners can be asked to experts or at the store where you get the seeds or the small plant ready to be re-potted. Information about parasites and diseases are necessary if you want to prevent your plant to get damaged or to even cure it once attacked.


How to take care of your plants is one of the thing that you will learn by growing them, and by asking information before planting or while planting them into the ground. Garden plants have to be placed in the ground, they could be border plants or decorative pieces so they will need specific maintenance depending on their purposes. Some will need to be trimmed, cut or reshaped, others will bloom and some will produce fruits or collectible flowers. Garden plants should be treated as any other plant or tree, you will need to inform yourself to be ready and prepared on how to handle them without any problem.