The purpose is to get the effect you actually wanted to have for your garden lighting. A soft light can be needed somewhere in the garden to create atmosphere and light effects, a heavier lighting spot could be useful along pathways and in those specific corners or spots of the garden that should be lit for any other reason. If you are planning to put lights on your water corners that you have placed in your garden, even more info are requested. Just be sure you are going to operate in the right way with the correct tools.

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While designing your garden lighting, you should take in consideration those light elements you would like to place with your lighting system. There could be spots, lamps, candles, lamp posts and similar. Depending also on where you want to place them, such as, along pathways, on specific areas, around a fountain or inside water bowls, you should then consider their potential lighting effects. They way you want them to turn on is another point you should put in your list of project. In fact, whether you want your lights to turn on automatically, you should have them bought with specific sensors, otherwise you can buy them with a small solar panel attached, or even with just small sensors but linked to the electric system of the house, being sure they turn off once the active lapse of time is over.

  • Garden lighting There are different elements that you can choose for a traditional garden lighting. Some examples are outdoor lamps, lamp posts, spotlights, lanterns, and similar. Outdoor lamps must be fixed to a wal...

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LocationWhere and how you want your garden to have a lighting system is all up to you. Of course it is a good idea to ask for help to experts or specialized electricians that could suggest ways to save money and energy in order to improve the quality of your garden lighting system and to reduce light pollution. In order to respect your desires, you can design your garden area with a garden designer or similar, people who know the resulting effects of specific lights and lamps or other tools, and that could help you positioning them in the right way and on the correct spot or area. If you are using also water effects, projecting a lighting system that goes well with the lighting system would be a perfect idea.

Lighting: Cost and maintenance

When designing your garden lighting you should consider the cost on the first place. Having already a budget in your mind, you could move throughout projects and estimates, opting for the one that fits you the most. When planning the system consider also the maintenance you should do when your system gets less efficient by usage, or in the case of potential dysfunctions. Ask for assistance for any other maintenance you are not able to recognize or execute on your own.