Waterfall structures can be found in the gardening stores dealing with the garden designing activity. The pre-made waterfalls are usually made in plastic and designers tend to give them a natural aspect as if the water was coming out from rocks and stones, when, in reality, there is a pump at the top of the structure forcing water to come out of a tube, flowing down on the rocks, creating the waterfall. It is of course a method to recycle the water that, flowing from the tube, goes into the sink or basin and then back to the top thanks to the pumping system. In order to embellish the waterfall a little bit more, plants and vegetation pieces can be added to the scenery and sometimes, when overgrowing a little, it actually gives a very suggestive look to the waterfall, which seems to come out of nowhere.


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Artificial waterfall

Artificial waterfallArtificial waterfalls, can be either done by buying the pre-made structure, or you can simply use some rocks, stones and whatever other natural elements you have available, and simply add a tube pumping water through it or on the top of the structure. It is always a good idea to fix the structure to the ground, and to either glue or fix in another strong way, the rocks, one with the other, in order to make the area safe in any occasion.

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    To have a nice effect, waterfalls should have a medium dimension, so that they can represent what they are actually meant to be. The more water you make go in circle, the louder it would be, donating the natural sound of waterfalls. If you do not own a huge space where to set up your waterfall, you can still have one in your garden. You will only have to design the proper alternative thinking and calculating the right dimensions and measures. If you are willing to have some spectacular effects also during the night, you will have to add some light effects to the whole structure. Of course, when the pump is not working, the waterfall will not work, so you can decide whenever you want your waterfall to stop.

    Waterfalls: Maintenance

    In order to preserve the beauty of your waterfall, it is a good idea to keep it clean and clear. Adding some anti-seaweed or other solutions which help preserving the structure from the creation of stagnating water and molds which could create bad smell and rotten areas.